Monthly Archives: February 2014

MDI Band: A Heavenly Tradition

When the MDI girls basketball team warms up for Friday night’s state championship game they will take to the floor in the same manner as legions of Trojans before them.  A familiar tune will resonate throughout the Cross Insurance Center, a symphony which for decades energized the masses in the old Bangor Auditorium, and closer […]

Why We Love the Tournament

The Tournament:  Two words which conjure up fondness and memories for many basketball aficionados throughout Maine, specifically Eastern Maine.  Of course there are tournaments of all varieties for different sporting interests but THE tournament can only refer to one special event, and that is the Eastern Maine basketball tournament. If are one of those people “from away”, you may not get the […]

Tourney Time: Everyone Loves the Underdog

Tournament fans come in all varieties.  There are those who live vicariously through their beloved teams, coming to the Auditorium or this year to the Cross Insurance Center decked out in their school colors.  They can tell you the history of their school’s team from the time they entered those hallowed halls of academia many […]