Monthly Archives: March 2016

Heal Points for Dummies Part II: Evidence the System Works

Since 1950, nations have crumbled while new nations have formed.  Technology has advanced and families have generally become smaller.  Despite the changes around the world, one constant on Maine’s high school athletics front has been Durward Heal’s point system.  First adopted to rank basketball teams for tournament play, this system has expanded to include all […]

Give a Little Respect to the Team Managers

One January night I arrived home from yet another high school basketball game.  It was probably about quarter to nine when I flicked on the remote to watch a little college hoops before shuffling off to bed.  This routine plays out most evenings during the winter in my home.  Unfortunately, watching NCAA basketball most nights […]

Imagine: A Life Without Sports

The month of March signals a time of new beginnings.  The final vestiges of winter still try to hold on yet the longer days and frequently warmer temperatures beckon us towards spring.  The greatest three weeks on the national sports calendar takes place with the annual NCAA Basketball Tournament.  Yes, I will once again enter […]

Junior Varsity Coaches Manage Delicate Balance

Why do coaches coach?  Ask this question and many will reply they have a passion for the sport they teach.  Through this love they want to give back to the game which has enriched their lives so much.  Couple that with a desire to work with young people in an area they are naturally passionate […]